First venue
2F Lions Plaza Shinjuku, 2-9-18 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 
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Nearest Metro Lines: Marunouchi Line, Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line 3 min walk (250m) from Shinjuku Sanchome Station 

*Please enter "Lions Plaza Shinjuku" when searching.
*There is also a second venue (nearby the first venue), but we will inform visitors when coming to the first venue. 

About the Venue: "Shinjuku Kabukicho Noh Theater"
"Nakajima Shinjuku Noh Theater" was first established in Kabukicho in 1941. Smappa! Group (HQ, Shinjuku- ku, Tokyo) then purchased the facility, and renamed it "Shinjuku Kabukicho Noh Theater. The stage has been actively used as a venue for the presentation of Japanese culture both domestically and internationally through the stage-performance of various traditional performing arts as well as the creation of cultural tourism content, including the practice of Noh chanting and dance by a Noh performer of the Kanze school, Shizuo Nakajima (a general holder of important intangible cultural property).